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René Rondeau

Member of American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors Since 1986
Member of American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors since 1986.


Rene Rondeau
-Since 1986-

Customer Comments About My Service

Here are a few comments about the quality
service you can expect from René Rondeau.

I've never written a fan letter to a watchmaker, but here goes...

I'm sorry I didn't write sooner. Your repair and reconditioning of this watch were outstanding. As a watch collector, I've handled a lot of watches, and seen any number of restorations, but your work is among the very best I've seen. It is positively flawless. The watch is very accurate and beautiful. I really didn't think this watch could be so impressive. If I ever again need help with a Hamilton, you'll be my first call.

Thanks so much for a great job!

A.G., Signal Hill, CA

Your work restoring my grandfather’s Van Horn watch is simply stunning. The transformation you were able to achieve is hard to believe.

My mother gave me the watch figuring that I was the only person other than herself who would appreciate my grandfather’s old watch, in the state it was in. She had no idea that it was a collector’s item or that it was gold.

I gave the restored watch back to her. She was stunned and in tears. She wears it as a reminder & heirloom of her father now.

In many years, I hope it will pass back down to me.

Thank you.,

Lake Geneva, WI

I just wanted to thank you for fixing my father watch. I can't believe how beautiful it looks!!!!!! My father had that watch forever and I remember him wearing it when I was a little girl.

I can't thank you enough!

All the best,

East Fairfield, VT

I want to thank you for doing such a nice job on my father's Hamilton Electric. He was a watch repairman his entire life. I can remember when he came home with this watch - he said, "Someday, this will be yours." Now, you've brought a part of him back to life. I've been wearing it for the past few weeks since you sent it - and it's wonderful!

My most sincere thank you,

E.J., Rimrock, AZ

Dear Mr. Rondeau:

A quick note to let you know that the watch arrived perfectly. Just a small "complaint": We sent you an "old watch" a you return us a "jewel".

Many thanks...!!!

J.C.R., Costa Rica

Rene , All afternoon I have been admiring my watch that came in the mail today , took me back a few years . It looks like , or better than , new . Hard to believe it's my old watch . This $100.00 watch ( lots of money in 1959 ) was my last big expenditure as a single man . My wife has been with me almost as long as the watch but I suspect it would be much more expensive to restore her like you did this watch . I will give it to my son and I think it will go to his son , now 4 years old , one day . I know this a business for you , but I think when you finish a job like this it must give you a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Thanks again for your fast replies , quick evaluation , and a great job.

W.C., Marietta, OK


The watch arrived two days ago and it is absolutely stunning. Truly. I had no idea it could be this gorgeous! I have worn it since the moment it arrived. Thank you so much for giving such expert attention to my family heirloom. You have an exceptional talent!

Warmest of wishes to you.

K.I., Chicago, IL

Because of your reputation, I was holding the highest standards of restoration for your work. Not only did you meet these standards. but you blew them up! I can not believe the quality of work, especially making the scratched case look brand new. I will update you on the reaction of my family members who worked at Hamilton after I visit Lancaster county next week.

Thank you very much!

R.F., Campo, CA

I received my two Hamilton watches safely today. My late father's 70 year old Wilshire and my almost 50 year old Taurus have been restored to like new condition. Your craftsmanship is noteworthy. Thank you.

My father's watch was severely worn and gouged, and it had missing hands; none of that wear is evident now. It looks and runs as it did when new.

My watch, which was one of only approximately 20 made to commemorate a championship basketball team, was marred by a fingerprint that had been etched into the dial. The original die for this special dial was not available. Your suggestion to have a new die made to reproduce the dial made the restoration extraordinary. The new dial is indistinguishable from the original. It is as if the watch were brand new.

Thank you for making it possible for me to have these watches, which have sentimental value to me, restored to such fine condition. I greatly appreciate what you have done. !

W.S., Lancaster, CA


Received the Pacer back in the post just a moment ago . I have a complaint.

Why does everyone not take the care and pride in their work that you do in yours? The world would be a different (and likely better) place. Sir, you are certainly an artist and must be part magician.

Thank you for returning my father's watch from the dead. Absolutely beautiful! Very pleased indeed, bravo!.

Auspicious Regards.

M.S., Newman Lake, WA

I picked up my watch this morning. Full of excitement and anxious to see the work you performed I hurried to get the box opened.You exceeded my expectations the watch is beautiful. My father received the watch from his employees in 1957 and was so proud of it. As I told you I have very vivid memories of him wearing it. The watch is very handsome.

You are a true craftsman and it is obvious you take your work very seriously. You also completed the work in a timely manner and at a very fair price.

Thank You For Taking Such Wonderful Care In Restoring My Father's Watch. I Will Enjoy It For Year's To Come.

K.M., Vero Beach, FL

I realized that even though I have been dealing with you for I think almost 10 years, I have never left you written feedback. As you recall, I have purchased several watches from you, had 3 or 4 repaired or restored and have always been extremely pleased. Have also recommended friends who have used you. The work is of the highest quality. In fact, since I collect only Hamiltons, for the last few years, I now only deal with you. You even have my credit card on file, and I fully trust you and your work and any product you are selling. I never even have to ask that question. I recall I did tell you several years ago that this is wonderful contribution you are making preserving this history. Thank you for all you are doing, and for all you have done for me.

D.H., Laguna Hills, CA

Hi Rene, I picked up the watch today. It's absolutely beautiful! If my Dad were alive I'm sure he would be very pleased. Thank you.

T.R., Las Cruces, NM

Hi Rene. I received my Hamilton Bailey (my grandfather's watch) which you restored and I am overwhelmed! You did a wonderful job and I will cherish this timepiece and what it means to me for a very long time.

We are very fortunate to have people like you out there; people with an appreciation of history and the talent and knowledge to restore our treasured items.

Thanks so much!

W.N. Jr. Timonium, MD

I wanted to write a brief thank you for the work you performed on my grandfather's watch. Well done indeed! My grandmother found that watch, all battered and scratched, forgotten in a drawer for the past 25 years. I thought, at most, you could polish it up a bit and put a new band on. You rather made it new again (actually, I'm rather dumbfounded about how exactly you did this).

I gave it to my father (my grandfather passed away years ago) as an early Father's day present. He was very touched and we both greatly appreciate the work you've done to restore a family heirloom. It is strange, the emotive power that watches have; I feel that a connection has been renewed between past and future generations...all in a little piece of mechanism.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

J.N. - Philadelphia, PA

Rene', I received the watch today and I must say it is absolutely beautiful. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough. You have restored something that means so much to me and I will proudly wear the watch at my Daughters Wedding. Even though my Dad is no longer with us, thanks to your efforts, he will be with me as I walk my Daughter down the aisle.

Thank You so much!

R. McC.- Bartlett. TN

Rene', I just wanted to send a picture of me wearing the watch at my Daughters wedding. The picture is not very good, but the memory is. My Mother and Sisters were very emotional seeing the watch restored to its original beauty and I was honored to wear it during the ceremony.

Thank you so much for your help.

R. McC.- Bartlett. TN

All I can say is Wow! I had no idea that you were planning on package the Titan III up in your own custom, Hamilton inspired, retro watchcase. When I opened the outer box and looked in it was such a surprise. It was like the watch had been in a time capsule and I was back in 1964. When I opened the case and looked inside it was as if my watch was brand new again. The watch looks fantastic and it is keeping great time. I enjoyed reading the booklet and based upon the work you did on my watch you have certainly earned the title “Dean”. Once again, thank you so much for your professionalism and quality workmanship. You deserve a great deal of credit for preserving our American heritage in watch making. These watches really do represent a period of optimism in America. Thanks for keeping that sentiment alive. When I look at the watch, it makes me smile and recall the pleasant days of my youth.

J. D. - Springfield, MA

I received the restored Pacer in the mail, and I wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job in bringing it back to life. The watch was my father's, and he always loved it. It is the only thing of his that I own, and it makes me very happy to see it looking so good and running so well. It reminds me of him so much.

Thank you and kindest regards,

G.G. - Scottsdale, AZ

The watch arrived today and you are truly a wizard!!!!!! Am soooo pleased and cannot thank you enough for making my grandmother's watch come back to life! It is hard to believe it's the same piece that was sent to you. Thank you again.

A.W. - Cambridge, MD

Well, I opened your box to view a nice velvet case containing the much anticipated reworked watch. It was better than I had expected! Shiny, like new, and it worked! Nice band, in brown, it has a rather unique basic charm. Most of all it ticks! How often does a watch these days tick! Needless to say I am very pleased. Thank you again for the service and look forward to many more years of use than this watch has seen thus far.

J.S.P. - New Bedford, MA

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did on my Langley restoration. A true watchmaker's craftsmanship wonder at work. This watch is now one of the better vintage watches I own to enjoy for many years.

G.D. - St. Charles, IL

Many thanks for your prompt service and kind note describing my husband’s watch for us! It arrived today and looks lovely! I know Peter will be very excited to have it in fine working order! Your service is terrific!

T.C.D. - Darien, CT

My Pacer arrived this week. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your attention to detail. Even the hands, markers and numerals were polished, unbelievable!

Kind regards,

P.M. - Pelham, AL

Just to let you know – I received my grandfather’s Hamilton 912 pocket watch today. Thanks for a great job of restoration! It looks like new, and my grandfather’s initials were nicely reserved, as I had hoped. I wound and set it – first time in more than 40 years! Nice to see the second hand moving once again. Grandpa would be very happy. Much appreciate your fine work in the timely completion of this restoration.

J.V. - Milani, HI

Got my Pacer back last week and was very pleased with your work. Looks almost like new when I bought it 50 years ago.

A.L. - Arcadia, CA

Rene – I received my watch today. WOW! You are a pro. Many Thanks,

S.W. - Los Angeles, CA

Received my father's Hamilton the other day. Want to say thank you as the watch looks showcase new. Thank you for your efforts in re-conditioning the watch.

J.D. - Mount Laurel, NJ

Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful work on my Glenn watch... I just got back from Edmonton last night and Bruce was thrilled with it. It's just gorgeous now. It's perfect. Thanks again for giving us back 1948.

B.W. - Coquitlam, BC Canada

Dear Rene, thank you! Great job. Now it is an Altair I can wear with the knowledge it is esthetically correct and properly functional.

G.D. - Lake Tapps, WA

I received the watch today. Just wanted to tell you that you done a stellar job! You really went the extra mile. It's such a nice watch. Thanks so much for bringing it to life for me! I'll keep getting it serviced through you. The two tone band fits it perfectly. For me Hamilton's are where it's at. I'm a very pleased customer. Thanks so much.

H.McM. - Newton, TX

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work you did on my wife’s watch. I was away on travel when it arrived and upon opening it she did not recognize it as her “old” watch. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who takes obvious pride and pleasure in their work.

A.DeA. - Seattle, WA

I thank you so very much for restoring my grandfather's watch for me - I'm wearing it shamelessly on my wrist now admiring it so very much. Thanks again for your skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. It makes a huge difference to me.

L.S. - Portland, OR

Sure do appreciate the excellent restoration/repairs on my watch. I'm glad I decided to keep it, and will enjoy using it in the future. Thank you for including the instructions for it' care, and the new case to keep the watch in. I like the new leather band. It certainly enhances the watch. It is nice to know there are very good craftsmen out there who take pride in their work, and are honest in their opinions.

G.McC. - Arnold, CA

many thanks! The watch arrived today - everything absolutely fantastic! You provide an excellent service. I think I'm hooked on Hamilton's now!

Warmest regards,

I.R. - Doncaster, Australia

Rene, I received my watch today and it is outstanding! Thank you for such a wonderful job.

S.B. - Dunham, NC

I just received the watch in the mail. Upon opening the package, my reaction was of shock and amazement. To say the results exceeded my expectations would be akin to saying the Queen Mary II is ‘just a boat’. I have no doubt that the watch, as you have so faithfully restored it, is in the same jewelry case condition as the day that it was presented to my father back in 1968. I have so very little left to remind me of my father. But now thanks to you, I have an exquisite daily memorial of his hard work and dedication to our family.

I can not possibly thank you enough.

K.K. - San Clemente, CA

I just received the watch and indeed you have done some magic. I am very pleased, and having this watch restored means a lot to me, as it belonged to my father and then brother.

P.B. - Wickenburg, AZ

Gorgeous job you made on the Saturn, now I understand why people are saying Rondeau restorations are the best.

R.P. - Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada

Hi Rene, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with both pacers. Could not be more pleased with them and your attention to detail. Thank you for your excellent work!

M.B. - Phoenix, AZ

Rene--I am writing to let you know that I am thrilled with the two watches that you refurbished for me. I am particularly pleased with the Spectra--the face looks brand new. I really appreciate the high quality of your work and look forward to dealing with you in the future. You're a true artist. Thanks again.

C.M. - Cleveland, OH

I received my Hamilton Lester today. It is absolute gorgeous !!!!! Thank You so Much!

G.K. - Wheeling, WV

I received the Hamilton wristwatch ("Curtiss"), and I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with the result. You see the evolution of a restoration process, and I'm wondering if the impact of the change is less marked for you because you've witnessed the step-by-step process. I do know I was very impressed with the stark contrast between the "before" and "after" watch. I know this was fundamentally a business deal, but your attention to quality and credibility lends an intangible value to the finished process. My satisfaction with the result has more to do with that intangible value than the monetary cost/value. Thanks for that.

M.K. - Farmington Hills, MI